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Keep worries at bay as you can now rent your car or bike Hasslefree!

Rental app by BeenCity is the best bike and car rental app in Goa.

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Our Exciting Features

We have added newer dimensions to comfort with our unique features that let you sit back and relax.

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Add desired number of vehicles, stores and fulfillments and allocate prices according to seasons in a very convenient manner.

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Miss no important

Set vehicle reminders for pollution check, insurance and passing by simply entering your vehicle registration number and expiration date.

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multiple stores

You can add and manage multiple stores and keep an eye on all your stores with a single app.

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Get Vehicle

Get monthly reports about any number of employees, assigned bookings and vehicle returns.

How do we work

  • Download us on IOS/Playstore
  • Set the seasons and allocate prices according to each season.
  • Add the desired number stores, vehicles and fulfillments.
  • Set vehicle reminders by choosing the need and deadline.
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Why download The Goa Rental App?

  • Booking is quick and minus confusions leading to greater business.
  • You can manage and track the incoming and outgoing vehicles easily.
  • We help you keep a record of the availability and reservations.
  • We make billing and payment quick, easy and environment friendly
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4.5 avg rating

A one stop solution to all rental issues !

With Rental App, one can focus entirely on enhancing their business and scaling greater heights.

What our users think about us

Smooth sailing!

Wow. This app has really helped me manage my business tenfold easier. I don’t have to worry about anything now. Everything is taken care of by this multifaceted app. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to have a smooth experience.

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Juvia Paraseet

Sales Executive, Fairy Consultants


Earlier, I has so many issues managing the records and inventories. With Rental app, all confusions have vanished and my business has grown like never before! This app is crafted to perfection!

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Benecia Colaco

Sales Executive, Fairy Consultants

Amazing features!

What i love most about this app is its amazing features. It is tailor-made to suit my needs as a vendor. The reminders ensure I miss no important dates. I have my business at my fingertips.

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Laura Stevenson

Sales Executive, Fairy Consultants

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Download for an out of this world experience!